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Frank's (Vienna)
When, in the 1990s, Klaus Piber took the initiative to bring the American way of life to Vienna, in the form of ‘Frank’s’, the ‘backlash against the burger’ and other ‘fast food’ was widespread!


Mercado (Vienna)
I believe that Latin America has an interesting cuisine to offer, that has been long underrated. The flavors and aromas are as diverse and amazing as the many cultures that we find there.This is why I am very proud to be one of the first in Vienna to be able to present this wonderful and eclectic cuisine.


Yohm (Vienna)
Klaus Piber helped to pave the path into what was new territory for Vienna at that time (1999); Asian cuisine with a European approach in order to bring the customer closer.


Grünauer (USA)
Authentic Austrian cuisine in the heart of Kansas City. Together with Peter and Nick Grünauer, Klaus Piber has managed to establish a Viennese ‘Gasthaus’ in Kansas City.